Arrangement of flowers - bouquet.

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  • Bouquet.

    In Europe, long since developed a whole culture buketnaya. There are rules under which in each case should give bouquets of some kind. Allocate romantic bouquets (talking about love, feelings), in honor of the newborn, thanks to the anniversary, birthday, etc.

    Arrangement of flowers - Bouquet

    Already by the mid-19th century, formed the most popular styles of gift bouquets: Victoria, Pompadour, Biedermeier. They used a combination of contrasting bright colors, lush greenery. Flowers were placed in portbukety - Cases, decorated with lace, velvet, ribbons and jewels.

    Around the late 19th century in Europe was to penetrate the Japanese art of making flower arrangements - flower arrangements. Unlike the European style, where color and shape are important, are the basis of ikebana line. Yet a strong influence on European othe ikebana has not helped - in fashion continued to be lush, colorful bouquets.

    In the early 20th century, became popular bouquets "natural style". Each flower bouquet such as in nature, separated by open space or greenery. At the same time were fashionable flower, called makartovskimi - on behalf of the Austrian Hans Makart decorator.

    In his bouquet of flowers but it is widely used bleached, dyed, dry plants, peacock and ostrich feathers, silk, embroidered butterflies and even stuffed birds. This bouquet is designed for long-term admiration, placed under a glass dome.

    Arrangement of flowers - Bouquet

    In our country these traditions are not so deep, but to give and receive flowers as a gift to love almost everything. This bouquet consists of several varieties of flowers and several types of grasses. Flowers in a bouquet should not only emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of each other, but also to transmit the mood.

    Each flower its season. In winter, nice bouquet of exotic flowers - Proteus, liontoriumov, ornamental pineapple, as well as of gerbera (daisy large) and orchids. They compensate for the lack of colors in nature. Spring - flowers of tulips, daffodils, lilies, hyacinths, anemones, romukulisov (similar to water lilies). In the summer - from pions or sunflowers. Fall - roses or chrysanthemums.

    The last few seasons in fashion pastel pale lilac shades and elegant composition in green and white scheme. Today it is fashionable to combine contrasting colors - yellow and purple, yellow and red. However, such a bouquet of white flowers should be diluted. Popular monochromatic bouquets, for example, the combination of all shades of red.

    Blondes good to give flowers in cold tones, brunettes and redheads presented with bouquets of red, men and children - an orange-red and purple flowers. In general, in a perfect bouquet to be three kinds of flowers and three kinds of greens. Many assorted colors - bad form. But the composition of a large number of lilies or orchids is perfect.

    Florists are convinced that the man would be easier to win if to give him irises, gladioli, calla lilies. They vaguely resemble arrows, spears and swords - in a word, symbolizing virility. A woman is better to present a bouquet of milder forms - from the open roses or lilacs.

    Young girls will approach bouquet in bright colors. The older lady, the darker should be the composition.


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