Arrangement of flowers - Boutonniere.

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  • Boutonniere.

    Boutonniere - (from the French. Boutonniere, literally - the buttonhole).

    1. A bouquet of flowers, clothing or pins to pass through a buttonhole.
    2. Small vessel (in the form of tubes) for flower pins to her dress.
    3. Device for installing a small bunch of fragrant plants.

    Arrangement of flowers - Boutonniere

    It has long been on holidays and celebrations people adorn themselves with flowers. In the last century, ladies wore fresh flowers on the hat or hair on their chest or waist, shoulder or tail. Without floral decorations dress was considered incomplete. Flowers for buttonholes carefully chosen and inserted into small curved glass tube with a collar, with which they held in their buttonholes.

    The classic boutonniere - a small flower, decorated with greens. But lately, as the buttonholes are not a flower, a bouquet or even an entire floristic composition, with elements of twigs, berries, beads, feathers.

    In recent years, especially the so-called fashionable living jewelry. This small bunches of flowers and leaves or dried plants, adorned with ribbons, feathers and pearls. Flower Jewellery - variety of boutonnieres, which in England is called the flower corsage or a pin.

    It is a flower or a tiny floral arrangement, which connects with a pin and pin on the lapel suit, dress, hair, handbag and shoes. In contrast to the corsage, boutonniere not always equipped with a safety pin. It, for example, can be used to decorate the banquet table.

    Arrangement of flowers - Boutonniere

    The following types of buttonholes:

    - Flat, round, heavy or light (air), but in fact, and in another case luchevidnaya. As a corsage on her women wear the crown of your head like a little beret, men - in his lapel;
    - Flat, drop-shaped. Aft buttonhole with a straight axis are on the spit, bent axis - over the temple;
    - Arcuate, in the form of tiaras. As a corsage adorned her hair, shoulders, lower dress, etc.

    For all the buttonholes characterized by the fact that the center of the composition they have emphasized slightly enlarged form, for example, larger flowers or decorative material. In the selection of material is taken into account the style of composition.

    Flowers in the buttonhole should be fresh, leaves - glossy. It is therefore very important to select plant material, a long time without water conserved (cloves, camellia, host, Chlorophytum, asparagus and other plants with thick or leathery leaves).

    To buttonhole remained fresh longer, before its production of flowers and leaves washed and hocus water for at least two hours. Then, to prevent the release of juice from the stems of cut, their ends dipped in melted tallow (wax). Prior to writing songs dense leaves smeared with cream, Vaseline or sprayed with a special spray.

    Strengthen the flowers and leaves on a thin wire by executing a sketch boutonnieres. Place a narrow ribbon bonding process, braid, starting from the end of the stem. If the buttonhole arranges roses, bud completely separated from the stem, the wire is passed in its lower part, then both ends dipped down and treated with a band.

    Headwear made from fresh flowers on the same way, but the frames are made of thicker wire, covered their tape, which serves as a backdrop to set out on her flowers and leaves. Boutonnieres for hair combs to enhance.

    To find the right material for the living and make a beautiful jewelry work, you must take into account the color of your hair, what you dressed like combed. In the role of decoration, supplementing the brilliance and elegance of a young man at a wedding has traditionally been a boutonniere. This ornament to wear on the left lapel, Prodi in a special loop.

    If there is such a loop, the flower is attached to the lapel pin. If you choose this accessory it is important to follow the main rule: boutonniere should be in harmony and performed in the same colors as the bridal bouquet.


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