The compositions of dried flowers - Interior Design with a composition of dried flowers.

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  • Interior design with a composition of dried flowers.

    The compositions of dried flowers have long adorned the house. Especially popular were these flowers in winter. In the early 20th century, interest has waned considerably, because the harsh and often dusty composition of dried flowers began to be perceived as a symbol of outmoded era.

    The compositions of dried flowers - Interior Design with a composition of dried flowers

    Since then much has changed. In our time to dry flowers is no longer seen as an emergency replacement of inaccessible during the winter of fresh flowers. Improvement techniques and methods of storage plants helped zasushivat new types of flowers, unusual color shades to get.

    Amazing range of materials grown in different parts of the world, available now, ushered in an era of new possibilities in the creation of decorative compositions of dried flowers. Stylish arrangement of dried flowers decorate the interior of your home, breathe life into neat office walls.

    Now in any large flower shop offers a wide range of various dried plants. New methods of drying and preservation, in which the stored paint and spectacular form of plants.

    Dried flowers and herbs are the perfect decorative material for making flower arrangements. Interest in the arts and crafts making compositions of dried flowers has grown significantly.

    And it is not surprising, since the dry plant a lot of advantages over fresh flowers. First of all, they last longer, and secondly, available to everyone. The material for the compositions of the dry plants are always with us - in forests, parks, meadows and even the avenues of the city.

    Many people mistakenly believe that the dried flowers have withered autumn color. It is not so: the dried plants may be of different colors. In addition, his work florists use accessories, painted in a production environment. Composition of dried flowers can be quite durable. In floral products businesses of dried flowers are subjected to special treatment applied to them, anti-dust coating.

    It is not necessary to use only material purchase. Drying the garden and wild plants on their own, can provide a free material for arrangements. Plants can be dried in the air, suspending them in a cool, not humid environment with good air circulation.

    For air-dried material is characterized by orange, cream and brown tones. For the treated plants in glycerol - brown or green color. Dried in silica gel color is a bright color. You can also tint the artificial plants.

    The compositions of dried flowers - Interior Design with a composition of dried flowers

    The material for the preparation of dry compositions of the most diverse uses: it is natural dried flowers, ie those plants, which dries to retain their decorative effect, and the usual garden and field flowers, dried in a special way, and decorative bows, ferns, grains, twigs of shrubs and trees, dried with fruits, such as hawthorn, barberry, viburnum, buckthorn, snowberry, euonymus, and many others.

    Of water and meadow plants can be used for bouquets rush, sedge, cattail, reed. A lot of material to make arrangements northern forests. Here gather dry branches of trees, shrubs, roots, lichens, heather.

    In pine and spruce forests can be a lot of branches covered with bright silvery lichen - they look very impressive in the compositions, but they can not just put them in a warm environment, should be pre-dry them in a cool and dark place.

    Look great in bouquets of fruit twigs of alder, birch, maple, linden and willow. Excellent material for Christmas songs are pine cones, spruce, cedar, larch, etc.

    In some plants, not related to the actual dried flowers, flowers and inflorescences with fast drying retain their decorative effect. In the early blooming flowers are cut and tied into small bundles of loose, to flowers and leaves do not touch each other.

    Then they hung down heads in a dry place. So you can zasushivat ageratum, arunkus, Achilles, hydrangea, baby's breath paniculate, freesia, cornflower, tseloziyu, burnet, liatris, solidago, etc.

    Depending on the location, which will be posted dry and artificial arrangement, it is possible to determine the time of their "life." In areas crowded compositions of dried flowers quickly dissolved, and in parts of redkoispolzuemyh office or home decoration, they serve two or three years.

    Favorite vessels for dry bouquets have always been woven baskets. Recently, however, began to use extensively the vessels of glass, plastic and ceramics. In preparing the compositions of dried flowers should be borne in mind that they are very light. To these compositions is not overturned, in vessels pre-poured sand or gravel.

    Plants, dried flowers:

    Ammobium, ahilleya tavolgovaya, heather, gelipterum, gelihrizum, gypsophila paniculate, gomfrena, kserantemum, Lunar, mordovnik, panikum, sagebrush, cattail, feverweed, statitse, Physalis, tselloziya, edelweiss, etc.

    Plants, fruits or seed plants which are used for dry bouquets:

    Cow parsnip, ezhovnik, Iberis, flax, Lunar, Nigella, wormwood, feverweed, stahis, Physalis, echinacea.

    Ornamental grasses:

    Wheat, rye, oats, barley - cereal field. Reed, cattail - wild. Miscanthus, barley long-manned.


    Breeze zaytsehvost, bromus, Lamarck, miscanthus, fescue, pampasskaya grass pennisetum.


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