The compositions of dried flowers - Fitodesign interior with artificial plants.

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  • Fitodesign interior with artificial plants.

    Artificial flowers have appeared very long time ago in ancient China and Greece produced flowers of gold and porcelain. Did these flowers also made of clay, pens, parchment, and many other materials. But in the arrangements they were used not so long ago.

    The compositions of dried flowers - Fitodesign interior with artificial plants

    The first artificial flowers intended for the tracks were made of paper - plain or specially treated and painted. Radical changes in the production of artificial flowers occurred about 40 years ago, when the world is flooded with plastic flowers from Southeast Asia.

    They were cheap enough, were good for a gift, but for the precious flower arrangements were a bit rude. Now artificial flowers are made of polyester, latex, organza, parchment, silk.

    Artificial flowers have a mass of positive characteristics, in comparison with dried flowers. They maintain good color and shape, nelomkie, plastic, available in different sizes. Artificial flowers in recent years, experiencing a new wave of popularity associated with the fashion for feng shui. It is believed that artificial flowers can attract positive energy into the house.

    Artificial landscaping is a relatively new kind of decoration of the home. The widespread use it has received in the receiving offices, banks, shopping facilities, exhibitions, and various official institutions. The apartments, individual constructions of artificial landscaping elements are utilized less frequently.

    Basically they are used in places where a number of reasons such planting is the most appropriate way to decoration of the room. In the kitchen because of the obvious differences in temperature, moisture characteristics and climate variability content of fresh flowers will require considerable effort and time. In the bathroom due to moisture microclimate also far from the desired characteristics.

    The compositions of dried flowers - Fitodesign interior with artificial plants

    Even a small room always has the worst performance in comparison with a large, spacious, with a good ventilation system. In the hallway use elements of artificial greenery, along with fresh flowers is appropriate because of the possibility of creating a "living over the" mini-mini-waterfalls or fountains.

    Artificial greenery is indispensable in cases where the room should be divided into several sectors without the device stationary screens, partitions, and even more so - of walls. You can create a decorative screen of green vegetation.

    Only need to make a wire frame and attach the artificial green vines, flowers and other items that are offered in abundance in the stores. The rules that must exercise such trees, similar techniques in the construction of vertical gardening.

    Already when buying items of artificial vegetation need to know to what room they are, what color should predominate in this area, ie purchased the product should fit into the interior.

    Modern technology allows the quality and produce flowers and leaves of man-made materials (polyester, plastic) with the smallest details, and any color tone. At the same time they are quite resistant to adverse environmental factors.

    The compositions of dried flowers - Fitodesign interior with artificial plants

    In specialty stores have a wide selection of artificial flowers, and even experts can sometimes take them for their living. Most often, artificial flowers mimic the living, but in recent years become increasingly popular artificial "dry" flowers with slightly crinkled petals of flowers and brownish leaves.

    Artificial flowers are used in different ways. In those cases when you need a bright and long-lasting flower arrangement, similar to most living things, and when there is no way to add water vessel, the arrangements are full of artificial plants. Sometimes, artificial flowers enliven the composition of dried flowers.

    In the arrangements of fresh flowers Wire the stems of artificial color to paint before you put them in water or in moist floral sponge. As for fixing artificial flowers commonly used looped wires or dried flowers for piaflor (brown). Composition of artificial plants will take a finished look, if you include it in the glycerin-treated garden greens.

    Flowers made of polyester can be washed in warm water with a small amount of washing powder (only then they need to rinse well and make sure that the water from getting to the mount). From time to time petals of artificial flowers to obmetat dust.


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