The compositions of dried flowers - Canned plants.

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  • Preserved plants.

    You want to weed your office or apartment, but there are no ideal conditions for plant growth? Little light, broken thermal regime can not be regular watering and care. In these circumstances, the interior design is advisable to use artificial or preserved plants.

    The compositions of dried flowers - plants Preserved

    Artificial plants have become commonplace in our lives. If you want to surround you, natural plants, potted plants chains premises. What is preserved plants? This plant, the last treatment using a unique technology, which resulted in a natural plant does not require watering, light, temperature and daily care.

    They do not cause allergic reactions, are not subject to fading, meet the requirements of any interior. Each of them is a "fallen asleep" a live specimen. Special solution retains its green and protects them from destruction for a few years.

    One option - it's preservation of living material: live leaf is cut, it stands out water, and then its place is a special substance that gives the appearance of living organism. Another allows you to take as a starting material a dried leaf, which subsequently entered a special substance.

    Such a plant does not require organic makeup, every three months, its anti-static spray obespylivajut. Barrel palm, palm shrubs, deciduous trees, climbing and hanging plants, various representatives of the technique of bonsai, a Lebanese cedar, blue spruce, magnolia, cypress, moss, palm berry, etc.

    Here are the basic types that can sleep in any climate, but, of course, do not develop. Canned plant does not need any soil or moisture, or sunlight (only a moderate heat and intermittent spraying of a special composition).

    It does not produce pollen allergy, he is not afraid of nicotine, but also - and no photosynthesis. True, the scent remains alive for six years from the date of conservation. Note that these plants are more expensive than their living counterparts.

    The compositions of dried flowers - plants Preserved

    Distinctive features of preserved plants:

    - Are natural, environmentally friendly products;
    - Do not require daily care and watering;
    - No need to light;
    - Not sensitive to temperature and humidity;
    - Fully resistant to the effects of nicotine, do not absorb it, unlike artificial plants;
    - Improve the microclimate;
    - Have a positive impact on the psycho-emotional state of a person;
    - Size and shape depend only on the tracks of your desire;
    - Comply with any decor;
    - Create a unique atmosphere of an exotic plant;
    - Does not cause allergic reactions;
    - Does not require special containers for the root system, because have no roots;
    - Are not affected by the process of decay;
    - For many years to retain their natural appearance, color and odor.

    Preserved plants, preserving natural color and flavor become almost eternal life. Composition of these plants can be manufactured in various sizes and shapes. They give a unique look to your interior will make a freshness and beauty.


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