The compositions of dried flowers - Care for dried flowers.

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  • Caring for dried flowers.

    Dried flowers - these are natural materials, like living flowers require special care. The golden rule - when properly stored arrangement of dried flowers morally and aesthetically obsolete sooner than physically.

    The compositions of dried flowers - dried flowers Care

    To dry flowers do not need special vase with water. Dishes can be anything: a wire and paper, dry branches, driftwood, bark, woven of straw, plastic. Keep dry and the artificial material can be by means of a sponge-floral oasis and perforated needle holders, wire, clay, sand, moss, glue.

    To fitodekor longer pleased us, it is necessary to properly care for them. To maintain in good condition, open compositions of dried flowers and natural materials once a month, they are sprayed with a special varnish-spray.

    At the same time a jet of air shake off the dust, and all components are fixed again. Dried flowers are more resistant to adverse environments than the living (although this depends on the quality of colors), but can not tolerate direct ingress of water and sun.

    The compositions of dried flowers - dried flowers Care

    Dried flowers do not like:

    - Sunlight and especially direct sunlight. At the same time they fade and become unattractive. Artificial light does not harm them.

    - Too dry room. While flowers and dried, with air humidity of less than 40% they become too brittle. Never place the dried flowers on the windowsill and a central heating radiator.

    - Too wet room. With humidity over 70% of the flowers of some dried flowers droop, may develop mold and fungi.

    - Insects and rodents. Some cereals and fruits can be a treat for insects (moth, bugs) and animals (mice, rats). Tools - household chemicals and traps.

    - Dust. Dust blow away the vacuum cleaner with low pressure air or shake gently whisk made of feathers or electrified brush.


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