Floristry Basics - Asymmetric structure.

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  • Asymmetric structure.

    In contrast to the strict order of symmetry, asymmetry is a free order. Florist should always be a balance and be able to apply it, and therefore the creation of asymmetrical composition is more complex than symmetric. The basic shape of the asymmetry - this scalene triangle, which unites three of the motif.

    Floristry Basics - Asymmetric structure

    The impression of asymmetrical compositions free, laid-back, easy. Since each piece is unique, the differences become more visible and glamorous than the symmetry. Sense of movement, action.

    Floristry Basics - Asymmetric structure

    Thus, the recovery and development, freedom and diversity of flowers and plants in asymmetrical groups expressed more clearly than in symmetrical. In large decorations, theme exhibits an asymmetry in use if there is a cheerful, lively or romantic occasion.


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