Floristry Basics - Color Harmony small contrasts.

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  • Small color harmony of contrasts.

    When different colors are combined into a single entity, we can feel this harmony favorably or not. If we like it, we're talking about harmony. The word harmony comes from the Greek compound, proportionality, agreed. In harmony together in different parts of a unity in which nothing nothing interferes.

    Floristry Basics - Color Harmony small contrasts

    Possible combination of colors is infinitely large. If you take a lot of different shades of color of all color lines together, then the composition will look gaudy. But all the same songs with deliberately chosen color combinations are becoming clearer and have greater appeal.

    Small harmony of contrasts:

    1. Harmony in tune.
    2. Harmony of related colors.
    3. Harmony neighboring colors.

    Harmony in tune:

    In this case, the florist picks up one color with different values ​​of lightness. Pastel colors and darker colors relate to one pure color, they just contain more white or black pieces.

    Songs with color harmony in accord looks, gentle, subtle, restrained and consistent, because it looks like playing with light and shadow of one color only. Therefore, it is good where we are talking about an aristocratic restraint, the subtle nuance and a soft color effects.

    Vessel in such arrangements must also comply with this harmony. It is desirable that it have a darker version of the selected color. Chance and white, if the vegetation in the arrangement becomes pastel colors closer to the vessel and obtained a smooth transition.

    Floristry Basics - Color Harmony small contrasts

    Harmony of related colors:

    Related colors come from similar basic colors. This may include, and mixed colors, and pastels, which are present in parts of the base color. Varies eight color families (yellow, red, orange, etc.).

    Harmony neighboring colors:

    Neighboring colors in the color circle are close by. If the florist make a bouquet with yellow, yellow-orange, orange, and red-orange color, that is, uses four colors from the color wheel, located next to each other, then that is the harmony of adjacent colors.


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