Floristry Basics - The basic form (a rectangle).

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  • The basic shape (rectangle).

    This form represents the static, strength, constructive. Despite the fact that it is not a flower, the shape plays an important role in the floral compositions. The outlines of the flower pot, step lines - these are examples of variations in rectangular shapes.

    Floristry Basics - The basic form (rectangle)

    Rectangular shapes represent a strong addition, something static. They form a great contrast with plant forms. They look calm, constructive and clear in a vertical formation.

    The rectangular shape can fully reveal its essence only when they stand upright, forms the boundary must be parallel horizontal lines and vertical lines. If you put a rectangular shape in the same rectangular space, the shape will fit perfectly if it is parallel to the line correspond to the boundaries of the premises.

    Floristry Basics - The basic form (rectangle)

    The diagonal placement - this time a composition, which is used in special cases. The rectangular shape is well suited because of their impact as a relaxing back and lower background for flowers and plants.


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