Floristry Basics - Symbols of color.

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  • The symbolism of color.

    The very first thing that draws attention to the person looking at something - it's color. And so one of the most important moments of Floristry - the ability to use color.

    Floristry Basics - Symbols Color

    Value that is assigned colors, developed out of a sense of colors, their effects on humans. Colors - a tone that can change our mood. They can be played loudly or softly, excite us or soothe, entertain, or customize to think.


    Associated with sun and sunlight, the color of sunlight. It is associated with interest, curiosity, and with optimism, as he held a cheer and revive, as the sunlight. It is associated with intuition, inspiration - his bright light can penetrate the darkness.

    Golden-yellow color:

    First of all, it is associated with wealth - as this color is gold. He also represents happiness, because it has a friendly, supportive force. It feels solar power, light admixture of red makes this color is not as easy as yellow, gives him a certain earthiness.

    The orange color:

    This color is warm like the sun - it's the warmest of all colors, it acts warm and soft, active, laskayusche. So it means the heat of the soul, sympathy, sociability and excitement.


    The most active of all colors, it symbolizes the feelings such as excitement and sensuality. Red is faster heart rate and increases the pressure in the blood leads to reactions. It symbolizes the strength and activity, acts strongly and actively. Standing out among the others, it means self-assertion, self-confidence.

    Dark red:

    Associated with the temperament and passion, as its impact on impulse, exciting, full of feelings. He can even symbolize the struggle and revolution, are aggressive and militant.


    On the one hand, this symbolizes the strength, depth and dignity as well as the participation of blue soothe red activity. This force is attractive, contains a rule. On the other hand, this color symbolizes love, but not a burn, the red color, and endowed with feelings, beautiful properties, full force.

    Floristry Basics - Symbols Color

    Violet is:

    This is both festive and mysterious color, it's heavy and mysterious, serious and calm, full of depth. He directed himself into because of the red kept blue. This color is exclusive because it looks quiet, reserved, dignified.


    It symbolizes fidelity, since it implies a conscious and deliberate action, represents consciousness, visionary thinking, it looks quiet and peaceful.

    It also means freedom - light blue as it is free from gravity, it soars, free thoughts of a man at the sight of that color. But it means and the desire - to want to carry it into the "blue distance," thoughts are moving away from reality. He can become synonymous with the word reverie and romance.


    He is independent, it looks cool and even insensitive. It stands for idealism, as most of the blue means a thought, but a small portion of yellow - the origin of ideas, inspiration, suddenly came the idea.


    He represents hope, because where there is green, there is hope for life. It also means peace, as calm, adjusts to life without a fight. It sharpens our perception, as the acting is natural and leads us to the observations.

    Black color:

    It means sorrow and death, it looks bleak and lifeless because of lack of color. But therein lies the dignity and it looks like "elegance in evening dress."


    Embodies the holiday, as he shines, though, and calmly. It stands for purity and incomprehensibility itself varies depending on what kind of paint next. He stands and death as a spiritual form of further life.


    This tenderness and sensitivity, because the force of the red white tempered, which does not call for a sense of action, as in red.


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