Trends in modern floral - floral oasis sponge.

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  • Floral oasis sponge.

    Floral sponge - this is an artificial porous material, which is better known under the trade name Oasis, was invented in the 40s and became the primary means of fixing plants in the compositions.

    Trends in modern floral - floral oasis sponge

    Amazing floral foam properties, the variety of its forms and the availability of additional accessories to facilitate the work of the florist, offer unlimited possibilities for creativity.

    The design is more often used oasis of three basic types:

    - Green color to create compositions of flowers;
    - Brown color to the compositions of dried flowers and artificial materials;
    - Colored floral foam Universal, one of the latest inventions of Oasis.

    Green absorbs water and is applied to arrangements with live plants, and gray or brown is used only for tracks with dry or artificial flowers. Green sponge may be of various shapes, most often in the form of a rectangle or circle.

    Trends in modern floral - floral oasis sponge

    It is very light, but absorbs water and becomes heavier than thirty times. Not be allowed to sponge dry up - after using it should be wrapped in foil or polythene, then it will serve for a few more songs.

    The advantage of floral sponge is that it keeps the stems at any angle, as in shallow and deep in the vessel and eliminates the problem of stagnation of water. The ability to color the foam to absorb water makes it suitable for use with fresh flowers, and the relative strength allows her to keep the stems dry and artificial materials.

    Unlike traditional foam oasis, serving only the basis for composition, color oasis is a full decorative element of the composition, allowing a minimum of colors and decorative materials.


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