Trends of modern floristry - Materials.

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  • Materials used.

    In his works, florist uses a variety of materials to all animate and inanimate nature, as well as man-made.

    Trends of modern floristry - Materials

    Natural materials can be of vegetable origin (flowers, twigs, buds, fruit, leaves, roots, mushrooms, and parts thereof), animal (hides, leather, fur, horns, etc.) or to belong to an inert material (semi-precious and precious stones gravel, pebbles, sand, gypsum, and sea salt).

    Artificial - it's rubber, rubber, glass, ceramics, plaster, polyvinyl, sealants, concrete block, foam, metal, paper, plastic, all kinds of textiles and much more. All materials must be prepared and processed: cleaned oshkureny, tinted, molded (eg, twisted, bent, cut off).

    As the glue to the wall and lung volume of tracks is used glue "Moment" and the like, for fixing the small details - a pistol-gluing. Volume, heavy track mounted in plaster, cement, lighter - a special floral sponge or foam oasis.

    For the basis take the stems of large plants, roots, tree trunks, mushrooms tutoviki, bark and other natural materials, of man-made - any containers, receptacles, holders, podiums, stands out of ceramic, glass, metal, wood and plastic.

    Trends of modern floristry - Materials

    The only condition - they should not be a bright picture. The best colors for the base - natural: olive, beige, brown, gray, black. Widely used all kinds of woven products - from the vine, bark, reeds, bark, etc. They combine perfectly with the classic, traditional materials.

    Another area directly relating to invoices that are used in floral design - the whole is made up of many small elements. As part of this trend are the surface covered with corn or lentils.

    They often serve as the basis for floristic composition, or simply containers of potted plants. Uneven texture easily modeled very aesthetic and easy to place any items.

    Festive flowers has its own arsenal of tools and materials in addition to the usual:

    - Packaging.
    - Tape.
    - Decorative elements.
    - Candles.


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