Trends of modern floristry.

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  • Trends of modern floristry.

    Florists, like art, fashion, design, shaped by global trends. One of these trends is the environmental impact. Its essence is to use natural materials. Florists, initially using a large number of natural ingredients, is itself largely responsible of this trend.

    Trends of modern floristry

    The concept of floristic and phyto recently made sense for our country's population, but despite this, it is our people have developed a new concept approach to floral plant design of interiors.

    It is well known that both European and Oriental School of Floristry artificially restrict the range of plants used in the design. The consequence was that the modern phytodesign can not meet the multifaceted needs of modern society.

    At the moment, a group of Russian designers have developed the direction, the basic concept of the new design flow, called "RussoFito" is the absence of artificial restrictions on the use of plants. The projects can be used all the currently known terrestrial flora representatives and representatives of the kingdom of fungi and animals.

    Much attention is paid to the creators of the new current reconciliation of decorative and utilitarian component compositions. One of the popular destinations "RussoFito" is used as elements of the composition of plants, which not only decorate the room, but also bring the harvest to be used by man.

    Capabilities of modern phyto very wide: it is not only the creation of various compositions of potted plants, but also decorate the winter garden, collections, displays, vertical hanging and shady gardens, trees, bromeliads, waterfalls, florariumov, Pot-et-fleur, bonsai plants, Indoor rockeries.

    Trends of modern floristry

    In the arsenal of floristic and phyto - a variety of paintings, pictures, baskets, trees, landscapes, jewelry, and other compositions of dried flowers. Dried flowers decorate gifts, bottles, vases, bottles of perfume.

    In the past few years, more and more prevalent, preserved plants (mostly trees), which are decorative qualities are not inferior to the living, but do not require watering, spraying, no fear of disease, cold and darkness. They are housed in the interior as a solo artist and in the compositions.

    As for the interior table, the last time or fashionably laconic to sterility registration tables, or very complex, even cumbersome, and their decoration. Bright and original look floral table arrangement, contrasting with the tone of the tablecloth. Widely used in the compositions of old household items: pots, tubs, wooden chairs, foot sewing machines, irons, samovar, etc.

    Increasingly, in the works of master florists occur next elements of various styles (eclectic). A modern florist huge opportunities and there are no taboos. Until recently, been restricted floristic strict canons. It was believed, for example, a combination impossible to live in the same object, and dry plants. The situation is different now.

    There are new trends that strongly violated customary framework. The most pronounced trend of last time - the opportunity to combine everything with everything - not spared the othe. Only this must be done skillfully. Freedom in the combination of different styles and materials requires experience and taste.

    When creating an object in motion can go any floral materials - live plants, cut flowers, natural materials, dried flowers, plants kadochnye, dried exotic fruits, intricately twisted stems. Flower industry offers a ready-made products: there are companies that provide original material for designers, florists.

    Here the main thing - respect the proportions and the confidence that skillfully blended floral object in the interior.


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